Do I need to bring Fans, coffee pots, bedding, pillows and firewood?

Nope, we’ve got those for you. You just need to bring your towels, dish rags, paper towels, dish soap, garbage bags for kitchen tall cans and your food and ice.

Can I smoke in the cabin?

Not in the cabins, but you can smoke outside as long as you throw your cigarette butts in the fire pit once you’re finished.

Do babies count in our number of guest?

Babies are people, too! Yes, they count.

What is the policy for guests who want to reserve their cabin in advanced?

If you want to reserve your cabin and week for the following year, a deposit of $300 will be due at the end of your stay. The remaining amount will be due May 1st.

Should you need to cancel, our cancelation policy of returned deposits remains the same. If we are able to re-rent your week you will receive your deposit back.

Can we have a fish fry?

Sure, as long as your fryer is outside and away from the cabin siding. You will need to put your oil back in its container and take home with you, or let us know and we’ll have a container.

No dumping your oil on the ground or in the dumpster!

Is there a place to charge boat batteries?

There are plug-ins by the docks, but you’ll need to bring a 8 to 10ft cord in order to charge.

Yes we have plug-ins on the docks but you will need to bring a 8 to 10 ft cord.

Do you have spots for RVs?

Sorry, we don’t.

What is the policy for visitors?

Before you invite visitors, please let us know how many people and the number of cars. We need to be respectful of the other guests staying in the cabins and parking is limited.

There is a $15 visitor fee per person for visits past 30 minutes. Overnight visitors are $30 per person.

Are dogs allowed?

We are dog friendly as long as your dog is friendly. Dogs require an additional charge of $100 for the week. We do have a few rules to help maintain the quality of our cabins:

  • If your dog is going to be alone in the cabin, it will need to be in a kennel. Even the best dogs scratch and chew in unfamiliar settings.
  • Dogs that bark a lot while you’re gone will need to be taken with you.
  • You will need to keep them on a leash when outside and immediately throw their waste in the dumpster.
  • Dogs that shed will require you to bring your own blankets for them to use. Excessive hair in the cabin will result in an additional cleaning fee.

Please keep in mind that not all of our guests like dogs, we ask that you be respectful of them.